EBAY – a new experience

I have been one of those people that buys things from Ebay from time to time, but I have never tried to sell anything through it. I have a friend that has asked me to help him sell a few things on Ebay, and I told him I would be glad to “help.” I certainly don’t mine helping a friend make a little bit of extra money!

So he brought over a lot of items and expected me to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. From cleaning up the items, taking the photos of the items, determining how much to ask, to figuring out the shipping, to creating the account, to listing the items. He wanted me to explain all of the terms, the “ins” and “outs” of selling on Ebay. I don’t KNOW any of that – I have only BOUGHT things from Ebay, not SOLD them. I haven’t studied all of that, and wasn’t expecting to study all of that to be able to explain that to someone else. I don’t know about YOU, but I think that is more than “helping.”

I had to explain that in order to figure out the shipping, we needed to actually pack up the item, take measurements, and weigh the package, or we needed to get some of those “flat-rate” boxes from the Post Office.

I told him to take the items home, clean them up, take pictures, figure out how much he wants to charge for them, and package them up. I have a postal scale at home, so I told him I didn’t mine him bringing the items over after they are packed to weigh them, and I didn’t mine helping him to list the items for sale, but I didn’t expect to have to do EVERYTHING!

Later he told me that he went home and listed a couple of the items himself, and that they didn’t sell after only one week. I heard he is frustrated and thinks Ebay isn’t worth the trouble. I told him that he needs to give it more time than only one week!

Am I right to be a little bit frustrated?

Cell Phone Warranties

Talked with a girl who works for a big call center nearby. The call center is for a big company that sells extended warranties on cell phones for several of the major brands of cell phones. She says they cover every type of phone except for the T-mobile phones. I don’t know why T-Mobile is excluded or what makes them undesirable.

She says that every time her phone rings it is a cell phone customer who wants to file a claim for a damaged or broken cell phone. It is her job to find out what happened and decide if the breakage is covered under their warranty or not. She says that more than half of the claims get rejected because of water damage, which is not covered.

I was surprised to find out the the most common reason a cell phone quits working is because it gets dropped into a toilet. That is a disgusting thought to me, but evidently a whole lot of people think it is important to have their cell phone with them while they use the toilet.

Subway for Dinner

The Subway shop near my house is having some special deals that make dinner at Subway a bargain. You can buy any footlong sub for just $5 and if you buy two, they only charge $9. They have about a dozen different subs to choose from for this special price. I like the way you can choose from 6 different breads and any of the toppings that you want.

Learning a lot about food

Since my girlfriend found out she was allergic to wheat, I did a little checking into food.  Since men are different from women, I found a small list that may help you decide which foods are for you. We’ll start with the men. Oysters are very good for men. They contain zinc which is good for the reproductive system. Tomatoes are also a wise choice of food for men. It helps lower the risk of prostate cancer.

As for women, it seems that Papaya is a good place to start. It has a lot of vitamin c that helps protect against gallbladder disease. If breast cancer is a worry, Flaxseed may be the answer. Tofu is high in soy protein that can strengthen the bones. Others foods are Collard Greens, Peanut Butter and watermelon.

I might have found what was good for her but still need to learn more about this crazy wheat allergy thing.  I did notice that wheat wasn’t listed in either list, did you?  Oh and it seems she’s also allergic to oysters.  Good thing they weren’t on the list of good things for her huh??

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