Drawer Slides

When Lily told me that she was interested in buying an old credenza that she saw at the local thrift shop, but didn’t because the drawer slides were broken. I told her that I would go with her to the thrift store tomorrow to look at it myself. I fancy myself to be an adequate “fixer-upper” and I think that I might be able to repair it for her. If I can’t repair it, I’m sure I can replace the broken hardware. It is pretty easy to find most sizes of drawer slides online, and they are relatively inexpensive to buy. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a minor repair job.

Bargains Can be Found During Christmas Shopping Season

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of weeks I have been really disappointed with many of the stores that are claiming that they are having a huge sale for Christmas, but they are really only offering a 10% discount over their regular prices! Other stores, their “BOGO” deals are to buy one item at their regular price, and get the other for 50% off. For me, “BOGO” should be “Be one, get one FREE!” As far as I’m concerned, a “huge sale” would be at least 60% off everything, without having to buy more than one item!

Having said all of that, I’m still optimistic that I can find a good price on the amplifiers Available at Your Musician’s Friend for the Holiday Shopping. I know that Jason has been talking about getting one soon, and I’d love to surprise him with one for Christmas!

Christmas shopping

The list of people that I need to buy gifts for seems almost endless. I was able to do some shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend and was happy to get some of it done, but there always seems to be a few people that are very hard to shop for. My mom is always a problem. She lives in Florida and has been retired for years. She has just about everything you can imagine in her condo and doesn’t really even have room for anything more.

I think we got her some gift cards last year and that was good, but the gift card thing must be getting old for her. Since we only visit a couple of times a year, it’s hard to know what she may need. When we ask her, she has very few ideas herself. I think I’ll try the bookstore and maybe I can find something there.

Yard Decorations for Halloween

This weekend we will be decorating the yard for Halloween. We used to decorate the yard for all the seasonal holidays, but there were not many kids in the neighborhood for a while and we decided to stop. Well, this year we had 4 families move into the neighborhood who have 2 – 3 kids each, and everyone seems to be decorating their yards this year. So it was kinda nice to have a reason to go digging through the storage shed and pull out all those boxes of Halloween decorations again.

I will have to take the truck to the hardware store and pick up a couple of bales of hay. Then I need to find a few good pumpkins. I don’t need really big pumpkins, in fact I would rather have 7-8 medium sized pumpkins than just 1 or 2 really large ones.

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain over the next few days while I get everything set up. You never know what the weather will bring this time of year. We could have breezy mild days, a couple of scorchers or even frost one morning. It’s a crazy time of year to make any plans for outdoor events in Middle Tennessee.