Headphones or Gift Card

When Jason told me that he wanted me to buy him some Blue Lola Headphones for a birthday gift next month, I thought that was a pretty good idea. That is, until I went online and found out that they cost over $200.00! I think I’m going to buy him a gift card for about $75 and call it “good enough!” I’m not THAT great of a friend! Sometimes I wonder why my friends think that I have money falling out of the trees around my house!

Gotta do it

Spring ahead

Set clocks ahead (free clip art)

Set clocks ahead (free clip art)

I don’t like changing the clocks back and forth for Daylight Savings Time. It’s a pain. My body doesn’t adjust to the time changes very well. I don’t think anyone benefits. We should stop doing this nonsense!

Vitamin D

A study done in Japan has shown that taking vitamin d on a regular basis in the winter can reduce the chances of having asthma attacks or catching a seasonal flu. The study was done by Dr. Mitsuyshi Urashima on a group of 167 schoolchildren. Half were given vitamin D3 supplements while the rest received placebos.

The study showed a marked drop in those children who would normally catch influenza A. the downside is that the vitamins had no effect on the influenza B strain. Doctors hope to use this information to help prevent those at risk to fend off the early spring flu. Those who wish to start their children on vitamin D should check with a doctor first.

I’m cooking dinner

In an attempt to smooth things over, I have decided to cook dinner for my sweetheart.  Maybe that way she will be a sweetheart again instead of the grumpy gal she has been since Valentines Day. Man I hope she doesn’t read this.

Anyway, I am making spaghetti. Everyone loves spaghetti, right? I picked up a jar of some cheap sauce and added some hamburger, green peppers, onions and garlic and it’s really smelling good about now. Salad and garlic bread will make the dinner complete. Well a nice bottle of wine might help too. Wish I knew more about wine.

Valentines Day Disaster

DOH (free clip art)

DOH (free clip art)

Well the Marines taught me how to deal with most everything that might come my way except for an irate girlfriend. Here I thought I was doing great by picking up some nice steaks, potatoes for baking, salad mix and even some flowers for my lady friend for Valentines Day.

It seemed like a great plan until she arrived. I told her about the steaks and potatoes and also how I didn’t forget her favorite salad dressing but when I asked her what time dinner was, well things went down hill from there. I tried to regroup by telling her she was a better cook than I am but that didn’t seem to make any difference.

Guess I should have taken her out for dinner, huh?