Drums for Beginners

Drums (free clip art)

Drums (free clip art)

Have you ever thought about buying drums for one of your kids? My father used to play in a band, and I really enjoyed going to his performances. I loved to watch the drummer. The primal urge to dance to the beat is strong within me. I’ve thought from time to time about buying a drum set for my kids, but now that they are grown and gone, I realize that I was only kidding myself. I think I’d like to learn to play the drums myself! So, I’m going to check out different drums for beginners and look into taking some classes. Wish me luck!

The Fourth of July

fireworks (free clip art)

fireworks (free clip art)


I have great plans to watch the fireworks tonight. I love to see the show every year and the kids enjoy it as well. One goal that I have is to take this opportunity to explain to the kids why our country is so great and how it came to be. Many people sacrificed themselves for the freedom we enjoy today and we should all be thankful for that.

Online shopping is so convenient

Ever since our local small town has become practically a ghost town, we have been forced to do more shopping online. We have no interest in driving six hours to the big city to purchase a specialty item like a bach trombone mouthpiece can be ordered and delivered to our house with a lot less time and trouble! I prefer to take my business to a local company, but sometimes you just can’t do that!

Saving Money

One thing I would like to start working on this year is doing a better job of saving money. It seems that when I get a check, it’s gone before you know it. My bank account isn’t growing any and I am living from week to week. I was hoping to find a few ways to save money and build a cushion in case times get really hard.

One area where I spend a lot on is food. I eat out a lot and thought that if I could eat at home more often I would spend less on my food. I have also been living high on the hog recently and spending a lot on home repair. I may want to take a little break from that and save some of my money instead. What would be really nice is to make more money in the first place. That would be the best!

Microphone stands for sensitive microphones

When Alicia asked me for a recommendation for a microphone stand that would work well for her sensitive microphones, I headed online to do a little bit of research on the subject. I have to admit (to you) that I really did not know the answer right away! Of course, I did not want to admit that to Alicia! I like to let her think I’m a wealth of information! It wasn’t very long before I had the answer for her, and recommended she look into getting an atlas ms25 stand. The reviews I read indicate that will do the job, and the price seems reasonable as well!