This weekend we will be decorating the yard for Halloween. We used to decorate the yard for all the seasonal holidays, but there were not many kids in the neighborhood for a while and we decided to stop. Well, this year we had 4 families move into the neighborhood who have 2 – 3 kids each, and everyone seems to be decorating their yards this year. So it was kinda nice to have a reason to go digging through the storage shed and pull out all those boxes of Halloween decorations again.

I will have to take the truck to the hardware store and pick up a couple of bales of hay. Then I need to find a few good pumpkins. I don’t need really big pumpkins, in fact I would rather have 7-8 medium sized pumpkins than just 1 or 2 really large ones.

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain over the next few days while I get everything set up. You never know what the weather will bring this time of year. We could have breezy mild days, a couple of scorchers or even frost one morning. It’s a crazy time of year to make any plans for outdoor events in Middle Tennessee.

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Photo of rare double rainbow

Rare double rainbow this evening

After a short rainstorm this evening, we were treated to a rare double rainbow. It only lasted about 10 minutes – barely long enough for me to run in the house and grab my trusty little pocket camera to snap this photo. It was almost sunset and as the sun went down, the rainbow slowly faded.

It reminded me of the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and was a special treat for the family tonight. Mother Nature can be grand.

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There are a lot of superstitions about the full moon, such as that is the night that all the crazies come out. And they say that the full moon washes away all your troubles to give you a fresh start the next day. If so, I hope that tomorrow does give me a fresh start, as the past year has been a tough one for myself and several people who are close to me.

I have not even felt like writing anything in the blog for a long time. I just don’t like to whine and constantly complain, but when day after day is nothing but trouble and worries, it is hard to write anything that you can be proud of later.

Well, I think this harvest moon might be the turning point for me, with all my troubles melting away and me starting fresh in the morning. That sounds really nice and is how I am heading off to bed – with high hopes and looking forward to tomorrow.


Always Hungry

Not sure why I have been hungry so much lately. It seems that nothing I eat actually fills me up – not even oatmeal. I can eat a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and as soon as I walk in the door to the office I am hungry again. I find myself thinking constantly about when I can get away for lunch and where I will go that day to enjoy my meal. That is so strange – maybe it is a sign I’m not liking my job so much anymore! (just joking, boss!)

Maybe I need to take a granola bar or some trail mix to the office and have something healthy at hand for a mid morning snack? Or maybe take my breakfast with me and just no even eat breakfast until I get to the office? I can start making homemade egg mcmuffins and just wrap them in plastic wrap, then nuke them when I get to work. Just have to leave the house a few minutes earlier so I’m not caught eating my breakfast at my desk when the clock starts.


I’m sick of leaves

I kept hoping that the wind would start blowing like crazy and blow all of these darn leaves out of my yard.  The only problem with that is it could blow my neighbors leaves into my yard.  The good thing is my yard isn’t that big.  Just a good rake, muscle and a few hours and I can be done if the leaves would stop falling.

Have you seen those lawn vac systems that hook up to your riding mower?  Man those things are nice.  One thing is for sure, if I had a very large yard, I would have one of those things.  They make getting up leaves a breeze.  My parents had one since they had a huge yard for all of us kids to run and play in.  Dad could get up all of the leaves in just a few hours.  Man would he be dirty afterwards but it was a lot better than raking for days that’s for sure!

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