All Natural and Vegan too

When Sarah told me that Joshua was going “vegan” last month, I told her that I was going to need some serious shopping help in finding some gifts for him. She told me that there are several places online that sell all natural and vegan products like soaps, deodorants, and even mustache waxes! She told me to go onto Google and look for petal pushers fancies and I would probably be able to find some places that sold those types of products.

Thinking about vegans, I have to wonder what they do when it comes to buying “good” shoes. Manmade uppers don’t stretch, or breathe, and leather shoes are forbidden. Do they wear flip-flops all the time?

A rare animal

Scientists have been resorting to use cameras to capture images of rare animals. One image was recently taken in the Saharan desert in Niger Africa. The animal is a Saharan Cheetah that is nocturnal and very shy. Conservationists hope the pictures will add insight to the animal’s habits and territory.

Happy Hangover

Happy New Year (free clip art)

Happy New Year (free clip art)

Last night we gathered at my brother’s house and had a private little party to welcome in the New Year. Everyone was married or engaged – except me. I didn’t want to bring a date because sometimes that sends the wrong message about getting serious when all you want is a casual thing or it’s too early in the relationship because you just started dating and all.

I have to admit that I did drink a little too much Jack and then had a glass of champagne at midnight with everyone, so this morning was a hangover from Hell. I took too Digel tablets and two aspirins and I hope that pancakes with lots of butter will take the rest of the hangover away. Let’s hope.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party (free clip art)

Christmas Party (free clip art)

My employer held our annual Christmas party at Buffalo’s Hot Wings last night, it was a gas and a good time was had by all, at least everyone was by the time I left, which was right before the “Last Call” was announced. They didn’t make us exchange gifts this year, no secret Santa or names being drawn, and they didn’t make us sing this year, nothing, but last night was a good way for the company that I have worked at for over 6 years now, to show their appreciation for all of the hard work that they have loaded upon us recently and all of the cuts that have been placed upon us this past several months.

The food is always good there, it is our favorite choice of restaurants for events such as this and the beer is reasonably priced and always cold and the service is excellent, they all know us there from years of celebrations in the past and they know that the tip is well worth the extra effort.

Hopefully no one got pulled over on the way home. There were several people that I was a bit concerned about their ability to get behind the wheel, but I was assured by other co-workers that they had their backs covered and I can only hope that everything went smoothly for all concerned after the point of my departure to my nice warm home and straight to bed.

Flea Marketing in all Types of Weather

flea market (free clip art)

flea market (free clip art)

The Flea Market is a such a great place to find deals all year round and I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow and get to our local flea market bright and early, in an effort to find some good last minute holiday gifts that I still haven’t managed to get around to as of yet. The early bird catches the worm as far as this flea market goes and I have been playing the part of the early bird for so long Monday through Friday for such a long period of time now that on the weekends sleeping in isn’t an option anymore. We are creatures of habit.

It is supposed to be cold but that doesn’t stop the majority of the vendors that set up at this particular outdoor flea market, these dealers are “hard core” and you can see them all set up, ready for business in the worst possible weather conditions and there are customers a plenty taking advantage of every opportunity that they have to save some cash on the goods that are offered so cheap at these local markets, weather not seeming to be a concern what-so-ever.